International Gelshield 200 Osmosis Protection (2.5L or 750ml)

International Gelshield 200 Osmosis Protection (2.5L or 750ml)

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A quick drying, easy to apply, high performance, two-component epoxy for application to sound gelcoats to help protect against osmosis. Gelshield® is provided in two shades (green and grey) to ensure complete coverage. Suitable for use in temperatures down to 5°C. New hulls must be post-cured for a minimum period of 4-weeks before applying Gelshield 200.

  • Quick drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Epoxy primer for protection of GRP against osmosis.
  • Provides protection against osmosis in 5 coats.
  • Useable down to 5°C.
  • Fast drying allows multiple coat application in a single day.

Application Details: - Gelshield 200

  • Area: Above and below the waterline
  • Finish/Sheen: Matt
  • Thinner/ Cleaner: YPA212 Thinners No.7
  • Number of Coats: A minimum of 6.
  • Method of application: Brush, Roller.



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